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Socialist Democracy November - December 2018

23 November 2018


Only Candidates standing on Pro-masses and Socialist Programmes can make a Difference


By H.T. Soweto

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Nigeria shall hold new general elections between February and March in the year 2019. This would be the sixth general elections since the dawn of the current civil rule in 1999. But more significant is that fact that it will be the first general election since the Buhari/Osinbajo All Progressive Congress (APC) swung into power nearly four years ago on the crest of mass dissatisfaction in the 16-year rule of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) leading to the defeat of an incumbent for the first time in Nigeria's political history.

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23 November 2018

2019 ELECTIONS: Support SPN Financially and Politically

A large section of Nigerians went into 2015 elections with huge illusions in Buhari and APC's ability to resolve the woe of the 16 years of the PDP government. But the last 3 years have seen a mass disillusionment in the Buhari government as the conditions of the masses have become worse. The question the masses have not been able to answer is why the country is in this mess at all levels despite being blessed with huge human and material resources? The crisis of Nigeria is the crisis of capitalism in a neo-colonial country. Capitalism has to be defeated before Nigeria can realize its full potentials and the human and material resources are used for the benefit all, and not for the insatiable greed of a few. This explanation has to be popularized amongst the masses.

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23 November 2018

MINIMUM WAGE: N30, 000 New Minimum Wage Signed by Tripartite Committee is Payable!

Labour and workers must be prepared for a protracted struggle for enactment and implementation of the new minimum wage

By Abbey Trotsky

After over three years of foot-dragging and several relentless struggles of the Nigerian workers, the tripartite committee on minimum wage was compelled on November 5, 2018 to sign an agreement of N30, 000 as the proposed figure for the new minimum wage and the report of the agreement was later submitted to the President on November 6, 2018.

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23 November 2018

NIGERIA: Economic Recovery is Fragile as Another Crisis Looms

Workers and the Masses Must be prepared to Resist Capitalist Attacks

By Peluola Adewale

Moody's, a credit rating agency, describes Nigeria's recovery as currently "slow and sturdy" following its exit from recession in the third quarter of the 2017. Truly, there are some statistical indications to buttress this assertion. Though, the growth rate slowed down from 1.95 percent in the first quarter of this year to 1.5 percent in the second quarter, 2018's annual growth is projected by the IMF to be 1.9% which is higher than 0.83% recorded in 2017. There have been also been deceleration in official inflation side by side with stability of naira at the forex market.

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23 November 2018


By Damilare Etti

On the 21st of September, 2018, the Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) revoked the operating license of Skye bank (the eighth largest bank in the country) for failing to meet the regulatory capital and liquidity thresholds. A bridge bank, Polaris was established to assume both the assets and liabilities of the failed bank. The CBN first intervened to rescue it from imminent collapse in July 2016.

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31 October 2018

SUMMAL FOOD COMPANY IBADAN: Higher pay, shorter hours won after casual workers’ protest and strike cripples production

Concessions won inspired staff in the company and casual workers in other Ibadan factories to struggle for better working conditions

The entire administrative and production activities in the Summal Food Company, Ibadan, was completely paralysed and grounded between Tuesday, 2nd and Thursday 4th, October 2018. This was the result of a mass protest embarked upon by thousands of casual workers in the company to demand an improvement in their slavery working conditions.

The strength and determination of this protest resulted in these workers winning a 30% increase in salary, shorter working hours and a six-day week with Sunday and public holiday working counted as overtime. These gains have encouraged workers at other Ibadan factors to take to the road of struggles.

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23 November 2018

FIVE YEARS AFTER: Privatisation of the power sector in Nigeria has deepened inefficiency and widespread darkness

Fundamentally, there was no justification for the privatization of the power sector. In all ramifications, privatization has failed. We must understand that the private power companies acquired 60% shares of the generating and distributive power infrastructure that was worth over N10 trillion but only paid a rock bottom price of about N500 billion. And yet, we have not generated beyond 7,500 MW, although about 2000 MW are lost due to poor transmission and distribution facilities. Recently Punch newspaper reported that generation is around 4,000 MW, about the same as when electricity was privatized in 2013 (11/11/2018). Ideally, $1billion will generate, transmit and distribute 1000 MW of electricity. So, we have spent so much but get so little which can only be possible in a climate of corruption and brazen looting of our collective resources.

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23 November 2018

CHINA INVESTMENT IN AFRICA: Is China helping Africa?

By Chinedu Bosah

Chinese President Xi Jinping announced at the 2018 China-Africa Cooperation Forum that $60 billion will be offered to African countries in aid and loans to enable it speed up development. Many bourgeois commentators and unfortunately some trade union activists have hailed China as being magnanimous. It is not true that China is being magnanimous, it is that other factors are forcing China to look elsewhere to sustain its exploitation. Although its leaders falsely call themselves "socialist" China is an imperialist country and must seek other places for exploitation and pillage.

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25 October 2018

Nigerian Union of Mine Workers (NUMW) picket Quarries in Abeokuta

Members of the newly formed Nigerian Union of Mine Workers (NUMW) held, on October 8, a mass picket of three Ogun State quarries in order to protest at casualization of quarry workers, build support for the unionization of quarry workers and to demand better pay and conductive working environment for quarry workers.

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23 November 2018

US: Midterm Elections Weakens Republicans


By Tom Crean, Socialist Alternative, US

The midterm elections in the U.S. represented a limited "blue wave" and an overall rejection of Trump by the electorate. Republicans were relieved their losses weren't worse while many progressive workers and youth were disappointed the outcome wasn't more decisive. It came in the wake of an election campaign where Trump sought to mobilize his base by whipping up fear of immigrants and using overt racism while the Democrats focused on "rejecting hate" and defending Obamacare but offered little that was concrete to working class people.

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