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Nigeria on a cliff edge
Nigeria on a cliff edge - published February 2010
Nigeria on the brink
Only a working people's government can save it - published November 2009
President Yar'adua's Era: A new dawn for the masses?
President Yar

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Socialist Democracy October 2017 - Russian Revolution Special Edition

20 October 2017

Socialist Democracy October 2017 Special Edition

1917-2017: Centenary of the Russian Revolution

100 years ago in Russia, workers leading the peasantry overthrew the oppressive Tsarist state. The revolution which started in February 1917 unfolded over a period of 9 months culminating in October with power passing directly into the hands of workers and the peasantry led by the Bolshevik party. The 1917 revolution remains the greatest event in human history because for the first time the rule of a wealthy minority was replaced by the rule of working people. In view of the condition of mass misery in the midst of abundance that has become the permanent fate of the working and poor people in Nigeria, is it possible for a social revolution to unfold in Nigeria? DSM NATIONAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (NEC) WRITES

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