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Socialist Democracy August September 2017

17 July 2017

OSUN WEST BYE-ELECTION: An indicting Verdict on Anti-Poor Aregbesola Govt.

PDP is no better alternative; we need a new mass party of the working and poor people

By Kola Ibrahim, Secretary, SPN, Osun State

The result of the recently held Osun West Senatorial By-Election is, in a way, an indicting referendum on the Aregbesola government; its policies, politics, corruption and arrogance. But by saying this, we do not close our eyes to the role played by retrogressive factors like clientilism in Ede in particular where the late Isiaka Adeleke, the first Civilian governor of the state, had built up a following on the basis of handouts to the poor out of the loot he amassed from participation in politics. However the jubilation which broke out across the state is a testament to the fact that for many the election was an opportunity to punish the ruling APC for its misrule.

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17 July 2017

RISING ETHNIC TENSION: Labour Must Act Urgently to Prevent Anarchy

Only a programme of struggle can unite working people and youth across sectarian divide

The Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) strongly condemns the 3-month ultimatum issued by a coalition of 16 so-called Northern youth groups to people of Igbo extraction to exit the North. This sort of sectarian and reactionary declaration is nothing but an open call for a pogrom.

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17 July 2017

BRITAIN: Tories in Tatters

Corbyn Proved Anti-Austerity Ideas Popular


From the Socialist Party of England and Wales website.

Theresa May's failed election gamble is a nightmare for the capitalist class in Britain. Seven weeks ago most of Britain's elite were hopeful that May would succeed in dramatically increasing the number of Tory MPs, thereby buttressing her government to be able to weather the storms of economic crisis, to carry out vicious austerity against the majority in society and to implement a Brexit in the interests of the 1%. Instead she is now a 'dead prime minister walking', only able to temporarily cling to power by leaning on the reactionary, religiously sectarian Democratic Unionist (DUP) MPs, describing them as her 'friends' on the steps of Downing Street.

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17 July 2017

SOUTHERN CAMEROON CRISIS: The Working People Must Give the Lead

By Dimeji Macaulay

The media have recently beamed light on the rising secessionist movement in the Southern Cameroon and the rottenness of Paul Biya's regime. The crisis in South Cameroon is one of the examples of rising developments of self-determination movements in Africa and many parts of the world. But while in certain circumstances Socialists can support the struggle for self-determination, we are also quick to point out that, on its own, secession will not lead to the end of suffering and inequality so long capitalism and landlordism remain undefeated. At all times, socialists have always warned that nothing can be securely achieved on the basis of capitalism.

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17 July 2017

RUSSIAN REVOLUTION JULY 1917: The Bolsheviks "Become A Power"

By Vincent Kolo (CWI in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan)

Just over a century ago this July, 500,000 workers and soldiers marched through the Russian capital Petrograd, with tens of thousands joining marches in Moscow, Kiev and other cities. The demonstrations on 1 July (18 June according to Russia's old calendar), called by the pro-government socialist parties who at that time held a majority in the soviets (elected workers' and soldiers' councils) marked an important new stage in the Russian Revolution.

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17 July 2017

Dagga Tolar re-elected as Chairman of Teachers' Union in Ajegunle, Lagos

Comrade Dagga Tolar (Segun Ajayi) has won re-election as Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) in Ajeromi Ifelodun Local Government Lagos State. Another three positions were won by candidates of the Teachers Light Mind (TLM) – the electoral platform upon which Dagga and other radical union activists contested. These are the positions of Deputy Chairman, Treasurer and First Examiner of account.

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17 July 2017

LAUTECH: A Citadel Bedevilled With Crisis of Underfunding and Corruption

The Task Before Students, Workers and Parents Towards a Permanent Solution

By Alawode Motunrayo DSM LAUTECH Branch

The academic activities in Ladoke Akintola University (LAUTECH), Ogbomoso, have been on and off for the past three years, with students shut out of the campus for six months, sometimes more than that, at a stretch. The problem of poor funding of the institution by owner-states is responsible for the crisis bedevilling the institution. More specifically, the university is under locks because of the legitimate industrial actions of its staff who are demanding payment of arrears of allowances among other demands.

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17 July 2017

EDUCATION SECTOR: Strike and Mass Struggle Imminent

For a summit of all unions in the education sector to work out a plan of action

By Michael Lenin Secretary, DSM OAU Branch

The education sector continues to become an object of lamentation and pain to students and workers owing to its decadent state. Unarguably, other sectors are in similar ruin, but the importance of education to development of humans and society makes such ruin more appalling, especially for a Nation that prides itself as the giant of Africa.

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17 July 2017

SPN Registration Case Adjourned Again

• Snail pace of the Judicial system helping to perpetuate INEC injustice against us

The long standing legal action of the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) against the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) blocking its registration suffered another adjournment on Wednesday June 7. This was the 18th time since November 19 2014 when it first came up in court that the matter has been adjourned, and indeed the second adjournment in two days. It is more worrisome that during this period of well over 2 years, the court only sat 7 times while the actual matter of INEC using excuses to refuse the SPN's registration has been mentioned just 5 times.

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17 July 2017


Who is to Blame for Incessant Strikes of Workers?

Thirty-five year old Opeyemi Sonekan (not real name) was very heavy and in labour pains. She registered for anti-natal care at the government owned hospital in an urban city of Lagos State. It was her first pregnancy. The expectant mother was optimistic, hoping for a safe delivery. At least, her younger sister who was delivered of a baby six months earlier had assured her of the competence and effectiveness of the medical staff at the hospital. She could not hold back her joy and her family went wild with jubilation after a safe delivery.

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