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Nigeria on the brink
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19 January 2017

ERC Solidarizes with US Students' Walkout on Trump Inauguration Day

The Education Rights Campaign (ERC) declares solidarity for the United States (US) national students' walkout, otherwise known as lecture boycott by the students movement here in Nigeria, to protest US president-elect Donald Trump's racist, misogynist and vicious capitalist agenda for America. The walkout is taking place on Friday 20 January 2017 as a part of series of mass activities to inaugurate the resistance to Trump.

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30 December 2016

GAMBIA: Election stalls in a stalemate!

*An end to Jammeh's rule will offer relief not permanent respite

Workers and poor masses must be united in a struggle for a socialist Gambia!

The Gambia presidential election held on December 1, 2016, has ended up in a stalemate despite the opposition being the clear winner. Now the Gambia is currently at the risk of being plunged into a serious political crisis or a war over President Jammeh's plan to hang on to power despite losing the election.

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17 December 2016

Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution

DSM/ERC activities commemorating the death of Fidel Castro

Following the death of Fidel Castro at the age of 90 on November 25, 2016, there has been a renewed attempt to denigrate Fidel Castro and consequently the Cuban revolution and socialist ideas in general by pro-capitalist western media. There has been an attempt to cast Castro in the light of a dictator and tyrant, who oppressed his people, while little or no light is being shed on the enormous, in spite of the limitations, social gains of the Cuban Revolution.

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3 December 2016

Three day nationwide strike shuts down Sudan in unique defiance of Al-Bashir's rule

Escalation of the struggle needed to overthrow repressive regime

The streets and public squares of Sudan’s major cities were left looking deserted from their usual traffic and pedestrian frenzy as the country was shaken by three days of “civil disobedience” from 27 to 29 November, an action organized and rallied for by activists and ordinary people via social media campaigning, and backed up by some opposition parties, in protest at new cuts in State subsidies.

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30 November 2016

Fidel Castro, leader of 1959 revolution, dies at 90

Castro's life and the Cuban Revolution

Millions of workers in Cuba and globally will mourn the passing of the leader, who along with Che Guevara, is most closely associated with the 1959 Cuban Revolution. At the same time, the forces of capitalist reaction and imperialism will see Fidel Castro's death as an opportunity to drive for full capitalist restoration on the island. These reactionary forces aim to destroy all the remaining gains of the revolution and planned economy, including the historic achievements in public health and education.

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22 October 2016

Ethiopia: A year of growing revolt

Desperate regime responds with massive repression

More than 500 have been killed by Ethiopian state forces and thousands jailed. But this massive repression has not, however, stopped the growing mass revolt in Ethiopia. In early October, the regime declared a state of emergency and closed down the internet.

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22 October 2016

ANC in Crisis

August local elections – a decisive turning point

Socialist mass workers party needed

South Africa's recent local government elections have changed the country's political landscape almost beyond recognition. They represent a decisive political turning point for post-apartheid SA. Despite remaining overwhelmingly dominant, the 8% decline in its vote, and the loss of Nelson Mandela Bay, Tshwane and Johannesburg hit the ANC like a defeat.

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6 August 2016


Mass revolt shakes the regime to its foundations

Workers and Socialist Party (CWI in South Africa) statement

The Workers and Socialist Party salutes the youth and workers of Zimbabwe for their courage and determination in standing up to Mugabe's Zanu-PF dictatorship. We condemn the statement by ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe that the rising up of the masses is the work of a "Third Force." It demonstrates that the ANC ruling elite holds the Zimbabwean masses in the same contempt as they do the masses in SA itself – regarding them, as did the Apartheid regime, as incapable of comprehending their oppression and rising up against it. The "Third Force" that has driven the masses into struggle is mass unemployment, poverty, corruption and economic collapse – authored by the capitalist Zanu-PF regime itself.

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2 August 2016


Drop all Charges

Protest to the Cameroon government

The Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) – the Nigerian affiliate of the Committee for a Workers International (CWI) - has been informed that on Sunday 17 July, 15 activists fighting for the self-determination of the English-speaking Southern Cameroons were arrested by the police at a restaurant in Buea. They are held in Buea Central Prison. They have not been charged and do not know what they are accused of.

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26 July 2016



The recent killing of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling in the hands of the police and the vengeful killing of five police officers alongside two other civilians by a black army veteran, Micah Xavier Johnson, after a protest over the killing in Dallas, have taken the #BlackLivesMatter to a new height in the struggle to end racial discrimination in the US. While it is necessary to note that the struggle against racial discrimination is not a race war, it is also necessary to know that these acts of police brutality is a direct attack on the working and poor people (a category which a majority of African-Americans fall into) in an attempt to defend the capitalist order of society.

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