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Nigeria on the brink
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12 May 2018


Resolution of the DSM 22nd Congress, April 2018

Internationally, there has been much mention of economic 'recovery' but there has mean no creation of substantial, long-term jobs in much of the US, in Europe (in the East as well as the West) or in the neo colonial world. Even a reasonable upturn could help to restore the confidence of the working class and prepare the masses for struggle. In fact, this is a 'recovery' once more largely fuelled by debt, the figures for which continue to alarm the capitalist class worldwide.

The effects of this will be profound not just in advanced countries but in the neo-colonial world even, perhaps particularly, China. The US and China are now the dominant, decisive players in the world economy. Yet by not overcoming the 2007-08 crisis, and using debt to stoke the economy, the fear of another financial crash is still there and potent.

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18 March 2018

Cameroon: a Marxist approach to the national crisis

For several months, the English-speaking population of Cameroon has been fighting for more investment in the region and respect. The government, under the leadership of President Paul Biya, proceeds to brutal repression.

Since the end of 2016 there have been major actions by workers and the poor in the two English-speaking regions in the west of Cameroon. In recent weeks, the deadly repression has been stepped up by the Cameroonian state. This has led to a strengthening of separatist feelings.

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20 February 2018

Zuma ousted as President of South Africa

Does Ramaphosa offer any hope for the working class?

Ramaphosa's replacement of Zuma as South African president has been welcomed by most including working class people. They hope he will make good on his promise to root out corruption, lift the economy out of the doldrums, create jobs, eradicate poverty and raise living standards.

But herein lies the contradiction. The expectations of the capitalist class and the working class are irreconcilable and Ramaphosa is the candidate of big business.

The leftwing trade unions must put into effect their decision to create workers' party.

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23 December 2017

United they stand, divided they fall

South African ANC conference offers no way forward

After the most tumultuous run-up to any conference in ANC history, Dollar multimillionaire Cyril Ramaphosa has ascended to the presidency of the ANC after a bitterly fought factional contest against South African president Jacob Zuma. The so-called “radical economic transformation” faction and the business-aligned anti-corruption crusaders had fought each other all the way from the bottom to the top, in almost all provinces, continuing right up to the eve of conference.

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16 November 2017

Mugabe has gone – but his regime remains in power

• Reject Mugabe! Reject the generals!

• Workers and young people must take lead

The takeover of power by the Zimbabwe defence force is a military coup in all but name. It represents a turning point in post-independence Zimbabwe and the almost certain end of Mugabe's reign. The military take-over was precipitated by the dismissal of Mugabe's most loyal henchman for the past thirty seven years, Emmerson Mnangagwa. This was part of the 93-year old Mugabe's manoeuvres in Zanu-PF party structures to ensure his 52-year old wife Grace, would succeed him as president.

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28 October 2017

World Economy and Relations

Global Crisis of Capitalism, Political and Social Consequences and Struggle for Socialism

DSM National Committee resolution October 14-15, 2017

The global economy seems to have started emerging from the monumental crisis set off by the global financial crisis of 2008-2009 which is the most severe since the 1929 depression. In the last one decade there was no let off as the world economy is gripped by one crisis or the other: the subprime crisis, euro crisis, “submerging” emerging markets, the collapse of commodity prices especially oil.

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13 October 2017


Following the mass uprising that has recently erupted in Togo demanding that President Faure Gnassingbe steps down, there have been killing of protesters and repression of democratic rights which a recent protest in Lagos denounced.

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10 June 2017

May and Tories must go!

After Britain's election: Organise, strike, resist, to fight for Corbyn's policies

Theresa May’s failed election gamble is a nightmare for the British capitalist class. Seven weeks ago most of Britain's elite were hopeful that May would succeed in dramatically increasing the number of Tory MPs, thereby buttressing her government to be able to weather the storms of economic crisis, to carry out vicious austerity against the majority in society and to implement a Brexit in the interests of the 1%. Instead she is now a ‘dead prime minister walking’, only able to temporarily cling to power.

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7 June 2017

Britain: Mobilise for a mass movement after 8 June

The closing gap between Labour and the Conservatives (Tories) in the opinion polls for the June 8 general election has confounded all wings of the British capitalist establishment. The right wing Blairites inside Labour are a key part of this capitalist coalition and they are just as terrified of the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn being declared prime minister on 9 June.

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4 June 2017

Venezuela: The Constituent Assembly and tasks for revolutionaries

Izquierda Revolucionaria and Socialismo Revolucionario (CWI in Venezuela)

On 1 May, President Maduro announced the calling of a Constituent Assembly, “to achieve peace the Republic needs…. to defeat the fascist coup… so that it will be the people and their sovereignty which impose peace, harmony and real national dialogue.” This declaration comes in the context of a grave economic and social crisis, with inflation at over 700% (3,000% for food prices) and a clear erosion of numerous reforms and social conquests won in previous years. Poverty, which was reduced under Chavez, is growing spectacularly, leading to increased urban violence and insecurity. The right wing (united in the MUD) uses this situation in an opportunist and hypocritical way, but cannot offer any alternative to workers and the people. But the triumph of the counter-revolutionary right wing in Venezuela is today a very real possibility.

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