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31 October 2017

Alfred Adegoke, Osun State Chairperson of Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN), Defeats Department of State Security Service (SSS) in Court

Awarded N500,000 Damages

On October 10th, 2017, the Federal High Court, Osogbo Division, gave a victorious judgment to Comrade Alfred Adegoke against the Department of State Security Service (a.k.a SSS).

Barrister Adegoke is Osun state legal adviser of the Campaign for Democratic and Workers’ Rights (CDWR) – a platform of the Democratic Socialist Movement – and the Osun State Chairperson of Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN). He had filed a fundamental right enforcement motion in court about two (2) years ago, against the SSS whose operatives invaded the secretariat of the CDWR and the private legal office of Barrister Adegoke, harassed him in the full glare of the public, unleashed serious physical violence on him and then detained him for four hours in the SSS office in Osogbo.

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28 October 2017

Successful Weekend of Discussion at DSM National Committee

Over the weekend of Saturday 16 to Sunday 17 October 2017, the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) – CWI Nigeria - had its National Committee (NC) meeting. The meeting held in Ogba, Lagos and was attended by over 60 delegates and observers representing over 12 students and community branches.

The agenda for discussion for both days centred on the “Capitalist crisis, National Question: Programme for the Nigerian revolution” and “World relations” and also included Building the DSM and struggle for SPN registration; Labour work; Students work; Women’s work; Community struggles and Finance.

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28 October 2017

Nigeria Resolution

DSM National Committee Meeting October 14 -15 2017

Nigeria's socio-economic and political problems seem to have no solution, over two years into the Buhari/APC 'change' government. In every sphere of governance, the government is struggling to maintain a balance, albeit an unsettled one. Economic situation, in spite of the official exit from recession, is getting worse and unmitigated for the working people. Every time official statistics are released, even with their conservative estimation, the worsening state of the economy is starkly exposed. The country's rapid population growth means that, even if the current official GDP growth figures are correct, per capita GDP is still actually falling.

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2 August 2017

CWI/IR unification: An historic strengthening of the forces of Marxism

22 July unification congress unanimously approves unification document and incorporation of IR into CWI

The Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI), the worldwide socialist organization which the Democratic Socialist Movement is part of, recently fused with Izquierda Revolucionaria (Revolutionary Left), an organization based in Spain, Mexico and Venezuela. The result is a big strengthening of the CWI’s presence in the Spanish speaking world.

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7 May 2017


Growing popular anger and the tasks of socialists

The beginning of April 1 saw over 60 comrades and sympathizers gather in Lagos for a National Committee meeting of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) that discussed the Nigerian, and world, situations and how to build resistance to austerity and support for the ideas of socialism. Amongst the political and organizational issues discussed were the seemingly intractable socio-economic crisis in Nigeria and world relations and economy. Dagga Tolar opened the discussion on Nigeria situation while Comrade Sophie Simcox from the Committee for a Workers International (CWI) gave the introduction on international developments around the world.

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15 March 2017

DSM National Centre Relocates to New Address

This is to inform all members, supporters and the public that the national centre of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) has moved from 162 Ipaja Road, Agbotikuyo, Agege, Lagos to 49, Charity Road, New Oko-Ob,a Abule Egba, Lagos.

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23 December 2016




We write to appeal for generous donations towards the running of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) and our intervention in workers, students and poor masses’ struggles over the next three months. This include running of the secretariat, visit to branches, payment of rents, allowances of full time and part time officers, production of the new edition of our paper, our contribution to the campaign for the registration of the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) and our intervention in struggles of workers, youth and poor masses against the neo-liberal attacks of the Buhari/APC capitalist government.

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25 April 2016

Capitalism is a Dead-end for Humanity

DSM National Committee discusses crises in Nigeria and worldwide

The National Committee (NC) meeting of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) held over April 16 to 17 took place as important changes are beginning to be seen as Nigeria's many crises and the new government's inability to stop the rot is resulting in growing pressure from below for something to be done. Pressure which has resulted in the trade union leaders threatening to call a "one-day national warning strike/protest", although up to now no date has been announced.

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6 April 2016

DSM Osun Discusses the Economic Crises in Osun State and Nigeria

Report of the DSM Osun Second Quarter Symposium

The Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM), Osun State Chapter's April 3 second quarter symposium saw a lively discussion on Osun's Economic Crisis: What caused it? What are the solutions? The subtheme was, One Year after Buhari's Victory: What has changed? In attendance were workers, retirees and members of DSM.

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31 January 2016


Lagos DSM discusses the anti-corruph3>Lagos DSM discusses the anti-corruption fight and the challenges for the working masses

In mid-January the Lagos State Chapter of the Democratic Socialist Movement held its first aggregate meeting of the year on 16 January, 2016 to discuss the anti-corruption fight of the Buhari regime which has seen several elements alleged to have taken part in the monumental fraud called the “arms deal” brought to trial.

tion fight and the challenges for the working masses

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