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Election 2019

10 July 2018

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No government formed on the basis of capitalist philosophy is capable of offering any breakthrough for the poor masses

The Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) hereby disclaims the report in the Vanguard Newspaper on Saturday July 7, that it was among the 41 pro-capitalist political parties, led by the anti-poor People Democratic Party (PDP), in a coalition aimed at producing a consensus candidate to dislodge from power the inglorious regime of the Muhammadu Buhari/APC-led federal government come 2019 election.

The story is titled: "2019: PDP, SDP, APGA, 39 other parties move to produce one candidate". Since this false report was published, we have been inundated with calls by our members and supporters who were disturbed that our great party which stands for the workers, youth and the poor is being grouped with anti-poor and corrupt parties like the PDP and others so listed.

Meanwhile the SPN was neither represented in any meeting to discuss forming a coalition neither did the leadership of our party at any time confirms its participation in such a meeting to Vanguard newspapers and its agents. Ethics of responsible journalism and fair hearing requires Vanguard newspapers to contact the official leadership of the SPN to confirm or disclaim this report before rushing to publish a false story. We hereby demand a public retraction of this false story by the Vanguard newspaper.

We strongly believe that the inclusion of SPN is a deliberate ploy by the PDP to use the SPN to give credibility to its coalition of anti-poor political parties which are not different from the APC. It is in the light of this, that SPN dissociates itself from all coalitions formed by pro-capitalist political parties with the sole purpose of wresting political power from the Buhari/APC-led government, regardless of whether or not SPN is publicly mentioned as part of such a coalition.

As much as we of SPN agree that Buhari/APC-led government is a monumental failure which deserves to be removed even before 2019, we however, disagree with any false impression that the replacement of APC-led regime with a government formed by the PDP that plunged the country in a deep mess while in power or a coalition of another section of the thieving politicians and their political parties with anti-poor capitalist program is capable of guaranteeing a better Nigeria and improvement in the living and working condition of workers and the poor masses as a whole.

This is because all these political parties which include the Olu Falae-led Social Democratic Party (SDP), Alliance for Democracy (AD); Labour Party (LP), Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN), Justice Party and 36 others subscribe to the same anti-poor neo-liberal, capitalist philosophy of exploitation and corruption which is the main reason the Buhari-led regime like the past governments formed by the PDP have failed to meet the needs of the poor masses.

The SPN holds that only a government with a socialist programme in which the needs of the masses form the basis of governance and policies, side by side with nationalisation of commanding heights of economy under a democratic management and control by the working people, can guarantee basic needs of the masses and sustainable infrastructure developments.

Except Buhari-led regime is replaced with a government that is committed to the implementation of a socialist programme which SPN is committed to implement if it gets to power, any coalition of political parties that subscribe to capitalist philosophy of running the society will end up compounding the woe of the working people if it replaces Buhari-led regime come 2019.

Abiodun Bamigboye
Acting National Chairperson
Chinedu Bosah
National Secretary