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Nigeria on a cliff edge - published February 2010
Nigeria on the brink
Only a working people's government can save it - published November 2009
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24 August 2016


photo DSM

photo DSM

No Light, No Meter, No Pay

The National Secretariat of the Democratic Socialist Movement at Agege, Lagos, on Saturday 20th August, was a hub of intense and inspiring discussion as community members, socialists and civil society activists participated in a symposium organised by DSM and the Campaign for Democratic and Workers Right (CDWR) to discuss crisis of electricity supply in Nigeria. The symposium reviewed at length the struggles of communities against this crisis with activists, who are playing leading roles in this campaign, sharing inspiring experiences of protests, and struggle. On the panel of speakers was Barrister Toluwani Adebiyi, the counsel who challenged the 45% increase in electricity tariff at the Federal High Court, Ikoyi, and subsequently won a landmark judgment that nullified the tariff hike.

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6 August 2016


Mass revolt shakes the regime to its foundations

Workers and Socialist Party (CWI in South Africa) statement

The Workers and Socialist Party salutes the youth and workers of Zimbabwe for their courage and determination in standing up to Mugabe's Zanu-PF dictatorship. We condemn the statement by ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe that the rising up of the masses is the work of a "Third Force." It demonstrates that the ANC ruling elite holds the Zimbabwean masses in the same contempt as they do the masses in SA itself – regarding them, as did the Apartheid regime, as incapable of comprehending their oppression and rising up against it. The "Third Force" that has driven the masses into struggle is mass unemployment, poverty, corruption and economic collapse – authored by the capitalist Zanu-PF regime itself.

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5 August 2016

Attacks on Nasarawa Workers by the Police: We Call for Justice

• The Labour leadership should mobilize for a 24 hour general strike and nationwide mass actions to confront the monster of nonpayment of salaries across the country

The Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) condemns in absolute terms the killing and brutalization of protesting workers of Nasarawa State by trigger-happy police men in Lafia on Friday, July 29. We in the SPN call for the immediate arrest and prosecution of police officers who sanctioned and carried out this dastardly act. Labour must call immediate nationwide solidarity actions like mass protests and rallies as part of a campaign to ensure that the culprits are brought to book in order to serve as deterrent to others.

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3 August 2016


For a 24 hour general strike for full payment of salaries and pensions arrears in 27 states

The seven week indefinite strike embarked upon by the mass of Oyo State workers to protest the government’s plan to sell-off some public schools in the state under the pretence of a Public Private Partnership, PPP, as well as non-payment of over 6 months’ salary and pension arrears being owed by the Ajimobi-led government was unilaterally suspended by the labour leaders on Monday, July 25.

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2 August 2016


Drop all Charges

Protest to the Cameroon government

The Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) – the Nigerian affiliate of the Committee for a Workers International (CWI) - has been informed that on Sunday 17 July, 15 activists fighting for the self-determination of the English-speaking Southern Cameroons were arrested by the police at a restaurant in Buea. They are held in Buea Central Prison. They have not been charged and do not know what they are accused of.

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30 July 2016

Militants Attacks on Lagos and Ogun Communities

Against Ethnic Division, for Working Class Unity across Ethnic and Religious Lines to Defend our Communities

This week armed attacks by suspected Niger Delta militants on Yoruba communities in Lagos and Ogun states, and the military’s response, have the potential to provoke ethnic reprisals and a bloody crisis. Attacks by those described by the media as militants have occurred in Ijebu-Mushin down to Igbo-Lomighun in Ikorodu. These militants appear to be made up of criminals and bunkerers who make a living from stealing oil by blowing pipelines that crisscross riverine communities in Ogun and Lagos states.

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26 July 2016



The recent killing of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling in the hands of the police and the vengeful killing of five police officers alongside two other civilians by a black army veteran, Micah Xavier Johnson, after a protest over the killing in Dallas, have taken the #BlackLivesMatter to a new height in the struggle to end racial discrimination in the US. While it is necessary to note that the struggle against racial discrimination is not a race war, it is also necessary to know that these acts of police brutality is a direct attack on the working and poor people (a category which a majority of African-Americans fall into) in an attempt to defend the capitalist order of society.

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22 July 2016

Niyi Adewumi

Niyi Adewumi

Niyi Adewumi: (August 25, 1966 – July 14, 2016)

Niyi Adewumi: (August 25, 1966 – July 14, 2016)

Special tribute to a socialist fighter for working peoples emancipation and social justice

Niyi Adewumi: an interview from 2003

We republish an interview with the late Niyi Adewumi in Socialist Democracy

Niyi Adewumi

The Committee for a Workers' International sends its heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and comrades of Niyi Adewumi who tragically died on July 14, 2016.

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21 July 2016

Socialist Democracy July- August 2016

One Year of Buhari ‘Change’ Government: LIFE GETTING HARDER FOR WORKING PEOPLE

NAIRA DEVALUATION: Not a Silver Bullet for Current Crisis of Capitalism

TOMATO EBOLA: Poor Funding of Agriculture Responsible for Outbreak

BIAFRA: Is Secession an Automatic Solution

Anger Rises on Campuses over Declining Living and Studying Conditions • Time for a One-day Nationwide Students' Boycott and Mass Protest

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16 July 2016

Niger State: CDWR Supports Workers' Indefinite Strike for Full Payment

• Don’t ‘Sit at home’, Labour Leaders in Niger State must organize constant mass protests and demonstrations until the demands are won

• The NLC and TUC should call a national general strike and mass protest to back workers and pensioners in over 27 states whose salaries are either cut, unpaid or delayed

Campaign for Democratic and Workers Rights (CDWR) supports the indefinite strike action called by the leaderships of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) in Niger state to protest the refusal of the state government to pay full salaries of workers.

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